Making care more personalized, accessible,
affordable and preventive.

The focal point of change in healthcare
Healthcare is at a critical change period in its evolution, in so many regards. One factor redefining the delivery of care is in the shifting of the point-of-care, from a fixed location facility to wherever the patient or the person in need of care may be.

This is the ‘digital health’ agenda: The adoption of disruptive, future-ready, emerging technologies that provide digital and objective data accessible to both caregivers and patients, creating and facilitating an equal-level doctor-patient relationship and the democratization of care.


Better informed interactions
Working with healthcare teams, we’re creating a more empathetic atmosphere for patients. It includes cutting-edge innovations, and rethinking the ‘basics’ through automating processes and systems, such as paperless patient administration and app-based patient-doctor interaction.


Outstanding care
Through virtualizing infrastructure and deploying digital workspace solutions, VMware has helped hospitals overcome challenges and future proof technology – making it safer, easier and faster for clinicians and staff to deliver outstanding patient care wherever and whenever needed.

VMware can help you achieve Patient-Centric Design. Find out how the journey begins, in the assets below.

VMware transforms the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care – from the data center, to the clinic, to the point of care.

Improving the patient experience: Examine your application portfolio

The right tools for the job: The value of the digital employee experience

More effective and personalised healthcare for all

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