The scalable infrastructure drives the agile organization

Meeting New Expectations
With many patients, the means of communication with healthcare providers is becoming a level playing field between the two; across the spectrum from fundamental to advanced digital skills, more people understand the ease, convenience and speed of remote consultations. Telemedicine – under focus during a pandemic – is changing the healthcare provider/ patient relationship. It’s a sign of innovations to come and many that are already here.

Gaining Greater flexibility
Along with the more widespread exchange of data come the threats to its security, particularly as new challenges emerge on new vectors, expanded networks, proliferating mobile devices, and remote access portals. This situation is compounded by the pressure of time: Put simply, you have so much to do and so little time to do it.

This is why emerging technology is accompanied by a need and invested with an ability to install quickly, with minimum disruption. The scalable infrastructure comes into its own, where you pay only for what you use. VMware cloud gives you the full flexibility of both CAPEX and OPEX expenditure models.

Changing the way things are
From robotic arms performing surgeries with surgeons controlling them from miles away, to AI-driven clinical trials or better digital tools for home-visit nurses, new technologies powered by VMware platforms and solutions are changing the face of medicine and care provision. We’re also helping larger hospitals incubate start-ups and innovation hubs within.

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VMware transforms the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care – from the data center, to the clinic, to the point of care.

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