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The way in which clinicians and patients are engaging with each other, and with IT, is changing fast. Healthcare has its work cut out, not just to keep pace with a changing digital world, but to keep ahead of it, ready for challenges yet to come. The challenges are building up; with aging populations, the continued consumerization and now ‘retail-ization’ of healthcare, escalating cybersecurity attacks, and the multitude of concerns and challenges that swept in on COVID-19.

More apps, with more diverse requirements, are driving the need to modernize on-premises environments, extend data centers to the cloud, help IT manage hybrid and multiple clouds, and update application strategies.

If your goal is to empower your clinicians and to take care of your patients everywhere, then collaboration will be of interest to you. For intrinsic security, as data and connections multiply relentlessly, VMware can protect your network though a virtual cloud network; efficient, easy to manage, and automated. We can also help you clarify, define, and implement your journey to greater leverage of real-time data to empower faster and more informed decision making when it really counts, affecting patient outcomes.

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VMware transforms the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care – from the data center, to the clinic, to the point of care.

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The right tools for the job: The value of the digital employee experience

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