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Welcome to VMware Healthcare Solutions

Your thousands of employees and network of hospitals and facilities produce a deluge of data every single day. But connected healthcare, by its very nature, can extend opportunities for cybercriminals. Data protection and security is an area of concern that expands as your digital transformation extends.

VMware shares these concerns and is instrumental in helping to safeguard data for some of the world’s leading healthcare providers. We know that for your networks, workloads, and apps, watertight security is essential. VMware provides adaptive protection for apps, regardless of their location or movement.

We can seamlessly secure your data centres, clouds, and endpoints so that your users have the flexibility and freedom to work as they need to; to work as your patients expect, and increasingly demand.
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A message from Jens Kögler

You and thousands of healthcare workers fight for all of us every day to prevent diseases, cure us or care for us.

On this mission, they rely on having the right information available in the right place or system at the right time. A more connected healthcare system like this will provide better patient outcomes and also a better patient experience. However, the flood of data that is created every day and the many thousands of devices that are tied into it also increases the attack surface for cyber criminals, which in the worst case scenario can bring medical care to a halt.

VMware Healthcare Industry Director EMEA  jkoegler@vmware.com 

Focus on what matters most

VMware’s Digital Clinical Workspace Solutions

VMware’s Digital Clinical Workspace Solutions enable you to achieve connected care at scale, bringing together data, and systems and making collaboration between people easy, informed, and intuitive, across any app, any cloud, any device. Doctors and nurses can transform any device into a clinical workstation; accessing and taking action on patient information anywhere, securely.

When clinicians are empowered to focus on patient care, better outcomes arise. Watch the video to find out how – by removing the complexity of legacy IT in healthcare – VMware’s Digital Foundation for Healthcare allows your frontline staff to spend more time with patients.

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The focal point of change in healthcare

Healthcare is at a critical change period in its evolution, in so many regards. One factor redefining the delivery of care is in the shifting of the point-of-care, from a fixed location facility to wherever the patient or the person in need of care may be.

This is the ‘digital health’ agenda: The adoption of disruptive, future-ready, emerging technologies that provide digital and objective data accessible to both caregivers and patients, creating and facilitating an equal-level doctor-patient relationship and the democratisation of care.

VMware transforms the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care – from the data center, to the clinic, to the point of care.

How modernising apps improves patient experience​

The value of the digital employee experience

The Future of Healthcare report – Why personalised healthcare is more effective

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The value of the digital employee experience Download now
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The Future of Healthcare report – Why personalised healthcare is more effective Download now


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